Our Store

Here is a selection of many various Xenforo designs which I have created in the past which are now available to purchase! To order, simply add me on Discord where you can complete your purchase! If you are also looking for a fully matching Buycraft design we can also discuss that and cater for your needs.

  • Free Installation of Xenforo
  • Designs customised for your server (Colour scheme, graphics etc)
  • Fully Matching Buycraft Designs
  • Guaranteed Completion within 48h after ordering

Please note: All designs on this page are for Xenforo v1 and are NOT compatible with Xenforo v2.
If you're looking to get a v1 design here adapted for v2 - that is certainly possible for just an additional $5USD.

$30 - Kastia

$40 - VenomPvP

$30 - Velocity Network

$40 - The Bridge Network

$30 - Hammer Kingdoms

$40 - LunarHCF

$40 - Outlaw Factions

$25 - StrivePvP

$30 - MiNiGA.ME

$25 - RookieCraft

$25 - SparkHCF

$30 - AnubisPvP

$25 - FrontierFactions

$40 - DaftCraft

$30 - MineCube

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