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Hey! I am known here as DarkKnight, and I offer high-quality Xenforo designs and sites at extremely affordable prices. With client satisfactions being the most important aspect of this service, we will work on your site until you are 100% satisfied or your money back! We even offer a limited time of support after your purchase, to ensure that we can resolve any problems or issues that you may come across, and best of all, this extra support comes completely free with any purchase!

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Services & Pricing


Installation of Xenforo

Theme Installations

Addon Installations

Forum Category Setups

User Groups Setup

Quick Configuration of Settings



FREE Setup Service Included

Custom Theme

Extensive Xenforo Configurations

Performance Optimisation

Free Support Included

Extra Pages




"A pleasure to work with! Never thought my site would turn out so well, since it wasn't even related to Minecraft, but DarkKnight did a splendid job. Definitely would do business with him again in the future."


"Huge Vouch! This man is a great man. He helped out the biggest website n00b in the world set up MY Website! And then? My PayPal wouldn't work. So he then waited patiently until I got it up working! Def would recommend him."


"DarkKnight is a talented and skillful developer, producing great products for a very reasonable price. Commendations to him for his quick and efficient working which provides the customer with visually appealing websites that function as well as, if not better than, many other professionally made sites."

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