About Us

Hey there and welcome to DarDZN! We're a group of young talented individuals offering modern and progressive website designs. Our services include, but are not limited to: Xenforo setups, custom Xenforo designs, litebans theme integrations, donation store themes and of course, entirely custom website designs! As a team that values client satisfaction, we will strive to make your purchase as seamless as possible and we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are content with your purchase. We even offer a limited time of support after your purchase, to ensure that we can resolve any problems or issues that you may come accross, and best of all, this extra support comes completely free with any purchase!

Trusted with over 350+ vouches

Services & Pricing

  • Xenforo Design Shop
  • Xenforo Installation
  • Theme adjusted for your server
  • Delivery within 48h
  • $25+
  • Xenforo Designs
  • Brief Xenforo Setup
  • Custom Xenforo Design
  • Free Support and guidance
  • $30+
  • LiteBans Designs
  • Setup of Web Interface
  • Custom Litebans Design
  • Matching Litebans Design with Forums
  • $30+
  • Store Designs
  • Custom Design
  • Buycraft
  • Matching Store theme with Forums
  • $30+
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